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They're obviously talented. And I'm pretty sure they could have shown that with more costume and different choreography.
i agree, technique like that should be invested in ballet or contemporary or modern that are all amazing dance types not this crumping like business which to be honest i am 15 and at a large party i am not so non-conservative (i am quite conservative). This is by no means the dancers fault as they are doing what they have been told to do.

Talent as amazing as that should not be able to be criticised, it should be watched in awe not in disgust and should definitely not be compared to Miley Cyrus, who i quite frankly cannot stand, so create a dance that is entertaining not sickening for adults
Yeah like everyone else said they are def talented!! But they could show that much talent in a dance with more approprate costumes and choreography for their age!!
Well if you think that is bad, take a look at this!!!!!!!!! Keep in mind these are 7,8,9 year olds! :eek:

YouTube - Little Girls Dancing Single Ladies - Beyonce

I'm absolutely flabbergasted. What kind of dancing career are they training these girls for? :eek: I'd pull my child out of that dance and have a long conversation with the owner of the studio, maybe pulling her out of the studio, no matter how good the studio was.

As a dance company assistant, I'm also amazed at the girls' dancing ability. With their skills and talent, they could've danced so many other, more age appropriate, but still stunning, choreography, and with costumes that were also more appropriate, yet still eye-catching.

As far as Miley goes, who couldn't see this coming? Unfortunately, it's the way of the majority of childhood actresses/singers. I feel bad for them, actually, to feel that they have to re-define themselves publicly, and so maybe even personally, at that age.
Her top was way too low, but I see teens dress like that. It was inapporiate, and she is acting way older than she actually is. I like Miley, but if I was her I think I would be ashmed of myself.
I enjoy Miley's music, but as time has went by my liking for her has went away. It could just because I am interested in other things, but I also feel she hasn't really been to good lately. Just my opinion, but I do love some of her songs, they can be very inspirational!
I think Miley is trying too hard. The bra showing in party in the USA is not cool. And the grinding?? Gross. And her dad says "it's just how kids dance these days." Maybe, but not Christian girls. Which, she says alot of the time that she totally lives for God, and things like that. And she should be a better example for kids. I'm teaching at TKD and all the little girls are all obsessed with her, and I'm like yeah.... don't be like her!
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