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Sep 27, 2014
My Dd (6 years old) and her team of around 8 girls have just finished a 3 week trial of longer sessions (3 hours) as part of the teams development squad. Until 3 weeks ago they had been doing just 1 hour a week as a pre development, invite only class. Some are still in this class as he didn't move them all up.

After practice Friday afternoon, coach came over to the mums and said they'd had an amazing practice and accomplished lots and gave us all official team packs and kit lists of things to buy. (Bar bags and equipment) He then said he was excited as they were a great group of girls who worked well together and made a strong little squad.

At this point I was one proud mommy! Then he added that my DD was struggling with natural coordination and had some 'interesting moments' but that she'd also had moments of pure gold that outweighed them but that he wasn't sure yet how far she would be able to go .....

This has made me feel bad as I now feel my DD must be the weakest of the group and not knowing how far she'll go may mean they pull the plug on her team gymnastics anytime? She would be devastated - and so would I as I love watching her love something so so much. She works so hard. He even said some of the issue might be that she's overthinking it through trying so hard.

Just hoping this extra boost of natural coordination kicks in/develops with more practice? But then if the others don't have that problem maybe it won't? Coach did pick her for development from our rec program and has worked 1 hour a week with her for 4 months before putting her hours up and placing her in development..... So he must see some potential right??

Sorry that turned in to quite a ramble ..... just feeling a little sad I guess ...
she's six, no one can "see the future" of what they will be at 8.
Precocious development does not equal gifted just as later blooming does not equal lack of ability.
AND, there is more than coordination and "skill". There are equal parts of work ethic, grit, passion, coachability.
My daughter was lower middle of the pack all along, but here she is in her 8th year since "developmental team", she's a level 7. She's not a rock star, but she is consistent, she hits virtually every time, she works hard, she's coachable. She is definitely an asset to her team and a awesome teammate to her friends.
Have you read JAG's blog about parental whack a mole? you need to whack the mole!
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Honestly, none of us know how long our kids will continue in the sport. It could end today for any of our children for various reasons. However, there isn't a person in the world who can convince me my child is done if she still loves it and wants to continue. So, even if that coach comes to you today and tells you she's off that squad, then you just regroup and figure out the next move for your dd. That's all.
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