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Jan 17, 2008
We are breathing easier up in the tundra! LOL.

The meet ran capital cup, with the L7's going first. When the L7's were talking to the judge the L8's & L10's warmed up. Then while the L8's and L10's went the L7's would warm up the next event. It was run very well we were done in just over 2 hours.

A little background: we have 3 L8's at our gym. Beetle & 2 other second year L8's. So I expected her to have the lowest score out of the other girls. I was just hoping she would be withing a point of the other 2 girls.

Beetle was third up on vault. The first girl is Beetle BFF, she is competing a Tsuk vault. It was a great vault she got a 8.8 The second girl and Beetle are both competing a Half on half off to start the season. It is a 9.1 Start Value. Beetle got a 8.0. We were happy. The other L8 with the same vault got a 8.1. So I know she is right were she should be.

Then on to bars, I could tell Beetle was panicking! She hit one pirouette in warmup. One L8 is competing the same routine as Beetle. The other doesnt have a pirouette. Beetle had a cast to handstand but couldnt get the pirouette over. then did another kip and over she went. Tapped her feet a little bit on the glide but then got to High bar and did cast (almost to hand) giant giant flyaway. It was a 10.0 Start Value. That was Beetles biggest goal of the meet. She scored a 8.2... she was thrilled.. The other girls scored a 8.75 and a 7.8.

On to beam - her favorite - she rocked it - a couple wobbles a step on the landing but nice switch leap nice BHS nice dismount. She got a 9.0 she was right in the middle of the group with that score too! One L8 scored higher and one Lower. But she was only 1 of 2 girls that scored 9's on beam all night.

Finally on to floor = she has been having problems with her first pass it is a punch front through to a full twist. She has been trying to set higher. She did great hit the first pass, had a big step after her second pass and a weird rebound after her last pass.. score? 8.9. the lowest of the L8's but only by a couple .10s

AA? 34.1 Tied with one of the other second year L8's.

She was beyond thrilled. Her coach even said "you did a pretty good job out there tonight" Now she is at a well deserved sleepover birthday party for a friend and I am enjoying a well deserved galss of wine!
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Wow she should be thrilled, to be right up there with the 2nd year girls is amazing. She has really shown everyone that she is a L8 and is there to stay.

Congrats Beeetle on a great practice meet, it all gets better from here.

Yay Mom, you can breathe now!!! Enjoy the chardonnay.....
Congrats to beetle - sounds like she did awesome !!!! Enjoy your wine now that you know she will hold her own this season as a level 8:)
Congrats to you both. I m breathing a sigh of relief. LOL We are doing routine run throughs the last week of January. A mock meet of sorts. I will be relieved after that . Again congrats to Beetle.
Sounds great.She hit all of her routines.Good job on bars.My daughter did the same thing at regionls.Did not get her pirouette and did her clear hip instead.Was able to do it on the second cast.It is amazing that they can compromise like that and don't panic.
Sounds like Beetle is right on track!! Your mock meet is much more formal than ours. Heck our L7/8s still have to do a floor routine today. We do have a judge come in late Jan or early Feb to watch all the routines and make suggestions, give scores.

So, now its just more practice and I'm sure Beetle will be ready for that 1st meet!!! When is it and what does she have to score for states?
I'm sure Beetle will be ready for that 1st meet!!! When is it and what does she have to score for states?

Beetle's first meet is the Second weekend in January. It is the Gopher Women's Invite. held on the U of Minnesota Campus. It is a fun meet.. but kind of nerve wrecking since the girls get a little intimated competing on the equipment that The College Girls go on. She needs a 33.50 to qualify for State as a L8. That is her main goal this year!
Yaaaaayyyy! Wooo-hoooo for Beetle! :applause::bouncy:She proved that she is RIGHT where she belongs, with experienced L8's. GREAT job, I'll bet she was (is) thrilled! And you are relieved, I am sure.

Keep us posted on her progress. I know she'll have a great season, she's off to a real confidence-boosting start! :)
WOW!!!!!! She is off to an amazing start. Sounds like level 8 is the perfect place for her to be right now.
Wonderful job and a big "sigh" of relief! Now to relax back into training and focus on consistency and the details. Way to go!

Woooot! There it is!
What a great start with weeks to train for the first real meet. I'm sure the confidence fairy has taken up residence at your house. Big high 5's from our house to yours!
Thanks everyone~

Beetle is getting pretty consistent with her pirouettes. She did 5 full routines yesterday and today all with her pirouettes. And she is now even only casting once before turning the pirouette. Although - she does tap her feet on the ground about half the time. Hey - I will take it! From just a few months ago the tears she shed thinking shewas competing L7 to today? That alone is a victory!

Her first meet is a week from Saturday. 5 more practices.. the countdown begins!
Congrats to Beetle on this big skill!!! Her hard work is paying off!!! Can't wait to hear how her 1st L8 meet goes:)
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