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Dec 6, 2007
Have you ever been to a mock meet? I had one today. I did well, actually,
I came in first(I had the least dedutions)so I got a prize(a lipgloss)
So if you have ever been to a mock meet, please tell me about it.:)
We do mock meets the whole week before a meet but we aren't judged or anything... We warm up like traditional warm up then do our routine. And then the other group watches your routine and you watch theirs.......... CONGRATS! What level are you?
Nice job. For our mock meets, one of our coaches would judge(she really is a certified judge), give us scores, and then tell us exactly what we needed to work on on each event.
haha thats the only thing i compete in. twice a year [once in december and once in june] at my gym there are these little mock meets for the level 4's and the recreational classes. im in the advanced recreational class, so i go and kinda compete. you don't really get scored but you get a ribbon but everyone gets a ribbon kind of like a "feel good" thing but whatever.

all the level 5's and 6's come to make fun of the recreational classes and i enjoy showing them up.:)
For the past two years before our first competition we've gotten a judge to judge our beam and floor routines. Then she talks with our coaches to tell us what we need to work on, to tell us if we have any restricted moves or are missing any skills, and what skills we need for vault and bars. It's really an awesome thing to do! Not only does it help you perfect your routines for competition but it's also good to get out your "pre-competition jitters"!
And all around it's a really fun experience!
We have them once every couple of months for the baby gymmies and about once every sixth months so our parents can properly watch our routines. I love them!
we have mock meets sometimes usually before a meet. at one mock meet my friend went up to do her bar routine and she goes: pendell kip cast hop-fall (get back up), front giant- fall (get back up), jaeger-fall (get back up), kip cast handstand half piroette- fall (she goes over to get some chalk), then my coach screams "for the love of god jenny, do you think you could have any more falls!?" (she remounts the bar), kip toe circle, kip cast handstand- fall (get back up), giant-fall (get back up), toe front tuck dismount- fall (salutes the judge).

and no im not lying i swear this happened. by like the 5th fall we were laughing (don't worry she was laughing too) so hard i almost peed. a

anyways, thats my mock meet experience.
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