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Hi all,

I plan to post in a couple of more weeks on how dd is doing in T&T, what life has been like for her since she quite artistic 4+ months ago, etc.

But first, a question for any of you (or for anyone you may know) w/ knowledge/experience in the modeling (fashion) industry.

After much prodding from dd & dh, and against my better judgement, I relented & took dd to an 'open call' at a local modeling agency. It is a reputable company, not the biggest, most most popular in the area, but has been around for 20+ years and has a good rep. Basically, for an open call, you show up, they meet w/ you for 5 minutes, & you take it from there.

The gal seemed to like dd, (who is 13 yrs., 5'6", 100 lbs., & still growing) & wanted to see us back next week for a more lengthy interview. She asked me to e-mail her to set up the interview, and also to send her the snaphots that I had carried in w/ us, so she could have them in digital form. She also wanted a quick fact sheet w/ measurements, etc., resume-style.

I sent all that in today, she e-mailed back within a few minutes, saying "we love her". Later, I got an email saying she'd like dd to come & interview next Tues. Then, she said they are having a photo 'power-shoot', for those who need to update their portfolios, & suggested we make an app't for that (it's this Sunday). She listed prices ranging from $100-$250, depending on if you needed/wanted hair, makeup, wardrobe, & how many poses you wanted.

My question is not so much is this a 'scam', my dh researched the company and they are legit. But are they serious about her, or are they just making money off of her on the photo shoot & filling up their roster? 200-ish dollars doesn't seem like it would make them a ton, but, what do I know? I do know not to go for any pitch about her needing modeling 'classes', and that has not been mentioned. But I am reading on the internet two types of opinions about photo shoots. One is, if the agency really likes you and wants you, they will pay for your portfolio/ pics. Other people say, the majortiy of 'newcomers' purchase their own professional photo sessions to get a porfolio started.

I have also read that for 'teen' models, they want them to be at least 5'7". The gal that interviewed dd did say "I would LOVE IT if she grew some more in the next few months." But she felt that in the meantime, she might get some interest for catalog work, etc.

My take on the 'photo's-at-our-cost' thing is this: Since dd is kind of in limbo, (too old/tall to be a child model & not quite tall enough yet to be a teen model), they would probably like to 'park' her on their roster, but may not be able/willing to get work for her until she grows a bit more. So they are not going to put out money for photos on someone who they cannot recoup the cash from very soon. Dh & I have to talk more, but our initial take is, let's go ahead & let her do the shoot, as we'll get her some great photos of herself that she can use later-on & for her portfoio. That is, of course if we get to keep them, which I have to double check, but it seems from the way they worded it, that we get 50 sheets of this, and 50 sheets of that, for a certain price. So we could conceiveably 'shop her around' to other agencies w/ the same photos, if we decided to do so. Not sure I want to, but dh loves the idea that she could make some college money, and dd of course would just love to try it.

I know, sounds crazy! I just don't want to be a total fool about this. Now, if it was gymnastics-related, I could wrap my head around it. Any help? Thanks! :)
i always thought from her videos she was really elegant and pretty so I am not surprised she has thought about modelling. I'm sure her gymnastics background is a massive plus too as they can present much prettier (and more flexible) poses. I know young ballet dancers are sought after for modelling work.

I dont know anything about modelling but I would look at it like this. For $200 you get some gorgeous photos of your dd. If you can afford that as a treat for her why not. Perhaps it could be instead of a birthday/ christmas present. I would definitely check that you can use the photos for other agencies if you want to as that would be useful. Any modelling work that comes her way will be a bonus.

And I would definitely expect her to grow in the next few months as she has reduced her training hours recently. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful daughter.
What I do know for sure, have modelled and know models, is that expensive shots are NOT necessary. Usually a few well taken photos are all that is needed to satrt the models career. A few headshots and a few ful length shots. After that a model will be able to get shots from any work she does to add to her portfolio.

An agency that wants your child shouldn't be making money off her this way. Look up modelling scams on the internet and read, you will see that this is a very common way for legit agencies to make money from you. They probably will get work for her, but they are trying to make the most of the opportunity.

Legally an agency cannopt ask for money up front and have to wait until the model does her first shoot, which is why they have "invented" these fee making activities.

I would look around a bit more, but I would also tell the agency would prefer to use some natural shots that you take until DD has her first work from them. That way they will have a hard time refusing her if she has the potential to make money. After that you can get the shots for free.
Agree with Bogwoppit. I've always read that if YOU have to pay for such services, then something is not quite right. If a reputable agency wants your daughter then THEY are the ones who pay for her makup, photo shoots, etc. My niece actually did some catalogue modeling in NY when she was in high school... My sister never paid a dime for any of her preparations... just to get her back and forth!
I just wanted to add my 2 cents. There was a girl on Dani's cheer team that was into modeling and actually got her first big break about 2 years ago. At 13, she landed the fashion spread for Limited Too catalog and also is in a Friendly's commercial. I do know that her mom homeschooled her most of her life and did take her to NY and DC a lot for calls and interviews. I think the modeling is more successful if you have a good "agent" or company that will work with you.

Considering it is about $200 for some really nice photos I would go ahead and try it. BUT, if they start asking you to start paying more money for classes and there are "hidden fees" that start popping up, I would be wary (sp?).

Good luck and I hope it works out for dd!!! Keep us posted!!!
Here's the latest.

DH & I decided to let her do the photo-shoot. We figured it would be good practice, and if nothing else, we'll have a few photos, & she'll have a fun memory.

She did the shoot, loved it, took about 250 pics. They came back, I would say maybe 20 are truly usable for portfolio or whatever. Some ok photographers, some not so good, a lot of dd just not posing great. It was a great learning experience as she go to keep all the photos and it was good feedback.

Then the agency offered her a contract (non-exclusive). I did some research on them and they are pretty small, but they do indeed work w/ JC Penney Catalog, & a few other stores/companies. They fully expected that if she did sign w/ them that we would continue to 'shop her around' (to other agencies), as they are pretty small and don't claim to be able to send her career into hyper-space.

We signed, and I don't really expect much work to come thru them, but we will see.

They did call her for a (paying) job already, and today she went and did a catalog shoot for 2 hrs w/ a bunch of other kids on some playground equipment, lol. She had fun and made some petty cash, so, what the heck!?

Like I said, I don't expect much to come her way in the next year. Most of the 'biggie' agencies want them 5'7" & up if they are 13 & older, & she is 5'6" (but still growing). Not quite old enough/tall enough to do the 'fashion' stuff, but outgrowing the kid stuff (she was the tallest today at the playground shoot & we really tried to downplay her teenage look, lol)!

I did send her photos in to a few of the bigger agencies nearby, and will see what comes of that.

Hope you are all well! :)
That's great, I am gald she enjoyed the experience. Doing print work is so different than runway stuff, learning about your body and how to hold yourself for maximum benefit takes a while. She will be able to gain some good experience whilst she is growing and by the time she is tall enough for fashion, she can decide if it's really what she wants to try.

Great way to earn some money through school and college. Plus it really does build self confidence.

GLad all is well with her and you.
Are you going to post a couple of the best ones? Good luck to her. Shes a really pretty girl and growing up fast (I have a 13 year old - it's scary)
Congratulations to her! Sounds like it's all fun and the possibility of earning some $$ and just having fun w/the whole experience is great! Yes, please post some of the shots! We'd love to see them!
Thanks for the encouragement, y'all! Since you asked, I have posted 2 of my faves from the shoot in my album in the CB Gallery. Maybe not the best-est professional photos of al time, but I like 'em! :)

Bog, I agree, she needs time to learn all that body position stuff ! Quite different from the gym-form overall, except for maybe 'keep your chin up'!
Glad you let her do it and that it is turning out well! She is absolutely beautiful in her pictures. I bet she sees lots of work after she grows and hopefully will get some good learning experiences from any work she gets right now. :)
HI, My DD has actually done a little modeling in the past. What you need to know is that if they are charging you for lots of pictures and classes then they are not going to really be looking out for your daughters best interest. We went with a small local agent that did not charge us a cent but we were called many many times for auditions. If you can take a good head shot and full body shot yourself that is all that is really needed. Alot of these companies like John Roberts Powers will add the picture they take....that costs you quite a lot to a sheet of head shots that they send out to different companies. Your DD could get lost in a sea of pictures. I have seen some of these sheets have over 100 pictures. Just be careful, there are some reputable agencies but unfortunately many out there just know that parents are willing to spend money to get their kids noticed and they will take advantage of that.
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