WAG Mom happy after DD's 1st Level 7 Meet!

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Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2012
Region 8
So we had our first Level 7 meet a week ago. As some of you know, my little dd was a Level 4 last year. So we set expectations low;)

DD was put into the "A" age group. Someone here on CB had warned me this can be a fierce group, and they were right! This was the 3rd meet of the season for other gyms, and there were quite a few 9.4s up on the scoreboard. My DD had a great first meet! She scored 9.0s on every event. I was very scared to watch her beam routine, which is full of BHSs, and has a BWO-BHS-BT dismount. She did great! She has very nervous before the meet, and when she landed her dismount, she had the brightest smile on her face!

Overall, she came in 5th AA. 4th in 3 events, 6th on floor. 36.05 AA. So exactly in the middle of the pack. Our HC was very pleased, most of the "A" competition are homeschooled, or Tops. I asked dd what she thought of her meet, and she said, "I was worried, but I'm still good at gymnastics!"

I learned how perspective changes through the levels. Previous to this year, I watched meets hoping she would place well. Now, I just hope she has fun and doesn't get hurt. It is so scary watching beam and bars!
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