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Dec 22, 2016
Trying to encourage my daughter without going too nuts and making her hate conditioning so I suggested we do her gym warm up together a couple mornings a week to stay in shape. Holy crap its hard I didnt make it all the way through. Hoping in a month I can work up to doing the whole warm up. She thought it was hilarious...but she also realized it was pretty tough for her too and thats after being out of gym for only two weeks. Heres to trying to keep up with our gymnasts and getting into shape. I would encourage you all to do some conditioning stuff with your girls its fun. My youngest non gymnast did it too it was fun...till we almost died lol.


Proud Parent
Jan 27, 2014
I know!! I am a runner, but this week ran twice very day so I could get the girls running. The second run was only about 2 miles, but I can't keep this up. I am dying! And as far as push ups, lunges, and squats, well, I am very out of shape with that stuff. Maybe we will all be in the best shape of our lives when this is over!
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Sep 4, 2008
I love this! Keep it up parents and family members! Try tracking your progress and sharing your successes along the way. We’ll cheer you on. I promise!


Proud Parent
Aug 22, 2016
I'm doing it, too! You want pain, try coachp's happy abs posted in another thread. Yikes! This has been one bright spot in this whole situation because I've been trying to get back in the gym (not gymnastics) to get in better shape and hadn't made the time. I may be able to wear that swimsuit proudly this summer after all! ;)

I've also learned my little 8 year old is quite the motivating little coach. She's is super supportive of my workouts with her, " you've got this mom!" Love her!
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