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My 6yo daughter started gymnastics just before her 5th birthday. About 6 months ago she was asked to tryout for the gymnastics team. She has since made the pre-team level (I think I'm typing this correctly). :confused: So we are very new to the whole gymnastics world or competition and booster clubs, etc. I actually found this site in Googling "gymnastic competition hairstyles." My daughter has her 1st competition scheduled for Labor Day weekend and I've been told that her bangs have to be up and her neck has to be visible. So, I'm looking for ideas. I look forward to learning more about being a gymnast's parent from reading the threads.

~Gabi's mom (Wendi)
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chalkbucket and to the world of competitive gymnastics. Here si an OLD thread that we had about hairstyles. I think many of the links might be dead.

I think any hairstyle where the hair is gelled and scraped neatly away from the face is good. Long pony tails can flip up and hit the gymmie in the face, not good. Buns look nice, but heavy hair makes that a challenge.
Welcome brauga3!!! Funny the hair topic comes up.

Disclaimer: I don't and cannot do hair so I just speak from what I see and not what I do.

In our gym, it is all about group belonging or culture. Everyone in L4 and L5 wear buns because that is what they are told to do by the coaches. The only exception is when a girl has short hair. As they move up, the optionals usually all have just ponytails. Sometimes, they talk it over before hand and all wear something different, like braids of some kind. The L6 are the odd balls where anything goes.
Not open for further replies.