mom to 2 gymies and new here

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Hi, I'm new to chalk bucket. I have 2 girls, my oldest is 9 yrs old and a 1st level 5 and my youngest is 5 and on the developmental team. I am looking forward to this season. Our first meet is in Nov.:D


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Welcome to our Chalk Bucket family!!!:D Nov. is just around the corner & that 1st meet will be here before you know it! Exciting waiting for meet season to start isn't it??? I'm living vicariously through the posts of others right now too:p. My DD's 1st meet isn't until Dec. She's L7.
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chlalkbucket. My youngests DD, 10, has her first meet in Dec. My oldest DD, 13, has her first meet all the way in Feb!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi and welcome to CB ! My DD is also 9, she is L4. Her season is about half over. She has two more meets in Nov and States in Dec. Then she will start Prep Op in January.


Welcome! I hope you love it here as much as I do. Be sure and join the Parent Forum. Lots of posts there about our gymnasts and their meets :)


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Welcome! I am originally from far away from there:p but also a mom to 2 gymmies, one 5 years old and L2 and one 8 yrs old and L4!

It's a good place to hang out and talk about all things gym...and with two in the sport it seems like all things ARE gym.

Our next meet is in November, too. We just had one this past weekend, then one in November, then none till end of January and then like 7 weeks in a row!:eek:
Sep 25, 2009
HI and welcome. My dd is a Level 10 and her first meet isn't until January. I can't wait. We just moved from NY to TX and I'm looking forward to seeing her compete with her new team.
Aug 1, 2009
Hi - Welcome. We are in Illinois as well. My daughter is 9 and will be competing level 6 this year. Our first meet is in November also - Judges Cup. Maybe will see you sometime this season.:)
Welcome to the board! I my dd just turned 11 last week and is competing level 8. We have to wait until December, so another mom living through other people's kids, lol.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it here and I'm looking forward to hearing about your girls!


Welcome! I look forward to hearing about your family's gymnastics adventures . . . :)


hello and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!

hello and welcome to the chalkbucket!!!
i hope you like the board and i wanted to know if you would like to be friends!!! ok well that is about it!!! oh I hear that your DD is level 5 and the other one is on the developmental team that is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Private message me and i will reply!!! anyway welcome to the chalkbucket and i hope you like it here, I sure do!!!!!! oh and b the way if you get any friend request then you should become friends because all of these guys are awesome and they give great advice!!!!!!!!!! well bye

:Dkiss kiss :D

Alexandra (pixie puff)
Sep 9, 2008
Welcome! We too are in Illinois! My dd is 8 and a level 6. She just had her first meet. The CB is a wonderful mix of people with a lot of experience and knowledge to share! Look forward to hearing about your gymmies seasons.
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