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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Every coach has some of these. Moments at the gym that just let you know that all of your hours in the gym, your aches and pains from spotting, your early-morning treks to meets worth it.

So what are your favorite moments from your coaching career?

I just had one happen to me tonight. One of my girls told me "I love gymnastics because it's the only place I feel safe being weird." I'm quite certain that is the highest compliment I've ever received as a coach, though it does sadden me that she doesn't feel safe being weird elsewhere.
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So sweet!
I have been given the gift of an incredibly sweet team this year and they have constantly blown me away. One particular moment was when we were on beam- they had been given partners and had to help their partner through the assignment (I think it was something like make 5 in a row- partner had to approve that they counted). One girl who has some major confidence issues and struggled on beam at the beginning of the season was having a rough go of it and could not seem to make anything. Her teammate, who had no issues with the assignment, was so amazingly patient with her and kindly encouraged her through each and every skill. When this girl finally finished the assignment her partner cheered, ran up and gave her a huge hug. My heart just about burst.

Bloody nose, no problem.
This one is really small but it completely made my day. We have this girl on team training level 3. She is about 7 years old, and the sweetest thing ever. But she's been having knee pains and so has been skipping tumbling/vaulting for a few weeks. Well the other day she comes up to me and says "I think I want to try a vault today." I tell her okay and she goes and lines up. She runs down the vault runway with gusto, does her flat-back (a little rusty, but still good), sits up, turns around with the biggest grin on her face and says "That felt SO GOOD to vault again!." :D
There is a L3 who is going to Y Nationals at the end of the month and the other day, I was talking to a mom about that mom's daughter … mom insisting daughter had done a skill which the daughter has never attempted, but mom had "video evidence" … She showed me the video. I let her know that wasn't said skill… in fact it was an ugly, poorly done prerequisite skill (one daughter is currently doing BEAUTIFULLY… had just done one - so now ready to start working the next skill).

The L3 hears ME tell said mother that I can seem mean when it comes to skills, but that I am also the girls' biggest cheerleader. Little one looks at me and says "You're not mean… you are honest… and it helps us get better. Will you please watch my ROBHS and tell me what to fix?" AWWWWWWW…. BTW, her ROBHS that time was flawless :)
And when other gymnast took a water break, we talked about starting progression work on the skill mom thought she had. She thanked me… she is not confident in her abilities, but she knows that I do not suggest they start something they are not ready for… I am more likely to suggest they NOT try something unless I see them doing the progressive skills and drills correctly.
I had one this week. One of my pre-team kiddos wrote and read this at her Kindergarten "graduation." [Child's name is blurred out; Tiana is one of her other coaches.]

For those who aren't as good at reading Kindergarten-ese, it says, "I am an expert. I have persevered at gymnastics and now I can round-off back handsprings. I want to thank Tiana for helping me do them."


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7/8yr old boy runs and jumps...

Me: "what are you doing"
Him: "I'm trying to fly" (to reach the rings)

he tries again and again, missing by several feet... not even close

he keeps trying, and trying...

I think to myself: 'I can teach this kid gymnastics.'
@fuzi : This is really sweet! Now you leave me wondering how old your kindergarten kids are when graduating and if all of them are orthographically flawless..:confused:
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