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Jul 29, 2007
My dd got her mill circle today. The coach spotted her on one and realized she was basically doing it on her own. She had her try again unspotted, and SHE GOT IT!!!! She moved to level 3 in June. She has taken the ideas off of this site from coaches on the mill circle and used them. Thanks to all the coaches who posed on the mill circle.:):):):)
That's great :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:
That is so exciting. I remember when my DD got hers (in March) it seemed that it took her FOREVER to get it. It was a weight off our shoulders when she did it.
Yea!!! I've heard that skill can be a real bear. I'm glad she did it! Woo hoo!
That is AWESOME! Congrats to her! DD just got her mill circle too(at our gym they call it a pin wheel). I haven't seen it yet since she is in camp all day and I have to work. She said her arms were a little bit bent but she made it all the way around to the top...I can't wait to see it!

It is always so exciting for me to see gymmies conquer skills. All that hard work paid off.
How exciting for her!

My DD almost (her words, her coach had 1 finger on her, doubt that helped much, but DD won't claim it as her own yet LOL) got her front hip circle on Friday a few times. They are off for a week, so she is bummed that she couldn't try again, but I told her that she will get it soon enough.
Not open for further replies.