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Dec 22, 2016
My poor kiddo has had the worst luck this season! she had a great in house meet early in the season and a good first real meet soon after that--since then all bad luck. The third meet she had been in and out of gym for the month before because she kept getting sick so with not a lot of consistent practice it was not the best meet. Then we had our big home meet and she was sick the whole week leading up and still had a low grade fever the day of the meet. She did good but I know not her best just because she wasn't 100%. Now the next week is 2 weeks away and last night she dislocated her middle finger (like it was at a 90 degree angle). She popped it back in place herself :)eek:) and luckily its not broken. Dr says to stay off it at least a week then be careful going back to full activity and listen to her body so she doesn't re-injure it. She was initially freaked out by it but now is actually pretty ok. She ended up being the most upset when I told her she likely wont be able to compete on the 10th. She is hopeful she can do at least one event but she really wants to compete all events especially bars which is her favorite.

Anyone have a gymnast dislocate a finger before? Is a week really all it takes to start back up? Not looking for medical advice just past expereinces on recovery time. I keep stressing with her we need to go slowly so she doesnt end up breaking it and being out a significant amount of time. She is a 9yo Level 4
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I'm sorry about the rough season. It's so hard to feel good about a season when it constantly feels like an uphill battle! I have no experience with a dislocated finger, but OUCHY! I hope it heals quickly and doesn't cause any additional issue. ((hugs))
My DD dislocated a finger earlier this season. It was so swollen! But same advice from doc - stay off it for a week. My DD was technically competing on it on day 5 and it has been fine since. I couldn't believe she could wear grips and compete and she did! Tell your DD to take it easy, don't push it. But hopefully it is like my DD's situation - it heels pretty quick as long as she doesn't re-injure.
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Awww, what a frustrating series of misfortunes!

My daughter competed less than a week after dislocating her thumb. I thought it was crazy, but the doctor had no problem with it as long as she wasn't pushing through pain. I am not a doctor, but if I remember correctly the recovery time was predicted to be short because there was no real damage to the surrounding tissues.
I thought it would be much longer but we will see the swelling is down significantly today so there is hope. She is going to practice to do some dance throughs on the low beam and floor and some leg conditioning. She just wants to do at least one event so even if we only do beam she would consider it a win. But maybe there is hope after all!
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