For Parents more hairstyle Q's - wet or dry?

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Aug 22, 2008
DD typically hates me to do anything with her hair - very sensitive head, like me. She has very long hair and we typically just put it in a pony tail for practice. Otherwise, it's always down.

So... for competitions, we have been experimenting a bit. We like the spiderweb design and it seems to work well for her. But it still looks a bit "ratty".

I know I am supposed to do it on "dirty" hair, but is it better to wet the hair or keep it dry when I am trying to get all the little pony tails together.

And do I gel the hair before I start assembling the design or just slather it on the ponytails once they are in place?

I know - how could I have an 8 yr old dd and NOT know this stuff. But seriously, we just never need to put her hair up like this and I never did it as a kid either...


Feb 26, 2007
Hey Alison.

I always start with clean hair and then dirty it up with products.

I spray the hair with water when I begin and then add gel to each section before I put in the elastic. I comb in the gel and that makes it neater.

The spiderweb does look great, but it does take a lot of time. Once I have finished the whole head I spray it with gel and that keeps it well in place.

I only ever did pony tails until my girls had meets, I have become quite skilled sonce then. Practice makes perfect.


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Jun 26, 2008
I agree with bog, we always spray with water to dampen and then add product as working with the hair. Then a final spray when it is finished. ;)
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
I highly recommend Kenra hairspray #25. It is a bit pricey but can be found at most salons or on ebay. Here is a direct link for Kenra: Kenra - Classic. Quality. Haircare.

If you have checked out Juju's hair in any of her pictures, you can tell I use a very strong hairspray to keep her tails poofy through an entire meet. I love it because while it is a very strong hold, unless you layer it on it is not stiff and hard. I use it on my hair and typically only wash it every other day - no flaking and easy to wash out. Even when I cement Juju's hair for a performance, one wash with regular shampoo and it is all out! After the first time I used it, I won't buy anything else.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I do the spider web on DD's hair. She is also 8 !!

I have her shower and wash her hair first - like Bog - I brush it all out, add a bunch of gel, brush again. Then I start making the little pony tails around her face first. I do gel the heck out of each section and comb it as Bog said - then put in the little elastic. Hers holds for days !!! She can even wash it with it them in one time.
Feb 26, 2007
On little DD the spiderweb can stay in for a week, still looks great, but on older DD it lasts a day ot two, no more. Different hair I guess.
Jan 17, 2008
I will chime in with a similar post. Beetle's hair is extremely thick and wavy. I have to start with it wet. Most of the time it is clean but sometimes I do just have her wet it down. Then I use product, most of the time I do little braids instead of the Spiderweb, with her curly hair the spiderweb tends to look ratty like you said.

When it is all done we spray it again and again and again. The spray it with glitter spray!

But when we have an early morning meet, we do two buns on the top of her head (so she looks like Minnie Mouse). It is SO much easier! LOL


But when we have an early morning meet, we do two buns on the top of her head (so she looks like Minnie Mouse). It is SO much easier! LOL

We do them - we call them 'cats ears'
Next week Im going to try tiny plats at the front into cats ears just for a change.
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