most beam falls in a meet...

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Nov 18, 2007
Metro Detroit, Michigan
i was reading another post and saw that someone once had 4 falls on beam (i won't mention names)!
it is funny to read that because i just stopped by my original gym on thursday and one of the four remaining coaches that knows me (from 16 years ago) mentioned, didn't you fall seven times on beam. i had to remind her that it was buckeye classics, level 7 optional, and i only fell... five times! one really doesn't count because i was laughing so hard that i fell off and i wasn't even doing a skill. i also did the wrong dismount, a ro layout instead of a ro full. i landed my dismount, looked for my coach, and walked the other way thinking she was going to kill me, but we all just laughed.
:cheerful:You sound like my kinda girl Katy...sometimes ya just gotta laugh! No sense beating yourself up over one "troubled" event. Tomorrow is always a new day...and there's always another meet. Glad you & your coach were able to keep an upbeat perspective.
Guilty LOL, but I have also fallen 2x on floor. Bars is something I do not fall on very often, but between beam and floor I have a lot of falls in past meets! I used to get SOOO nervous, but not so much anymore.
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