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patches lee

Proud Parent
Jan 23, 2014
Nets been down for a it so kinda old news. 5 yo DDs gym had open gym that parents could get on the equipment, with a signed waiver of course. So I told DD since she always wants me to get on the equipment with her. She decided to "teach" me.... bad idea to agree. Stretching then the fun begins. First up.... handstand which by the way she had yet to get her legs up on the wedge. After about 8 times trying to show me she got it lol. Okay no problem. Cartwheel forget it. Different jumps and rolls which she let me use wedge mats for. Straight jump on vault, okay, not out of breath but close. Bars??? She still cant do...swing legs over to front support. Term she told me??? Seen coaches helping so didnt mind helping HER show me. Got my legs up and over but for the life of me couldnt get my chest up till she pushed my legs down lol. "Now cast" huh? No good, along with what I think was the back hip circle (go around the bar backward). Next beam. :-( I tried to talk her into low beam but wouldnt go for it. Though I did get the fat beam with a tall mat. Scared as heck of a broken limb and days off work. Walk on tiptoes okay, side step okay, arebasque little one, straight jump scary, cartwheel off refused to attempt. She took me through her whole pratice days. Showing me each thing the best she could 10 times each skill about killed me though. I dont know if she had more fun teaching me. Or the supervising coaches watching me attempt any of it. Never thought I'd say Thank god shes just started and level 1 lol. Nice to have her view.
haha...ive always wanted to be able to get out on the floor and try some things! Cant do vault and the tramp though cuz of my back but i would attempt beam, bars, and a few on floor. I cant tumble though...We have a beam at home for DD to practice on so I have actually did the handstand dismount. Kind of scary but I was able to do it! Yay me!! lol
I did one of those bungee trampoline things at a county fair. The kids were trying to talk me into doing double backs, but I had to draw the line somewhere!
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