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Aug 30, 2008
Hey everyone. I'm working out five days a week and currently have 3 leos that i am using. i outgrew about 10:p so i've been looking for some leos online. im looking for some reasonable prices so i can get several. some motionwear leotards caught my eye and i was wondering how are they sized? and do they have good durability? also alpha factor? if anyone knew of any good leotard sites with reasonable prices and in the US, that would also help a lot. THANKS in advance!!!!!!!!:D
I think the best thing you could do (if you're buying off of Ebay or some similar site), is to go to the websites of the different manufacturers and check their size charts. Then have someone take your measurements as directed and then compare those to the size charts. The torso measurement is definitely the most important one! I've bought many leos for my daughter off of ebay, just making sure the measurements will fit her!

I've bought all the brands and have never had a problem with any of them re: durability. They all do run a bit differently though... that's why knowing what your measurements are is so important!

Also, many times the sellers will list the measurements from shoulder to torso, and the chest measurements as well. With a little work, you can get some great deals there!

Good luck.
gk has some awesome leotards. they're pretty much the only leos i wear.
well, i wear dreamlight leos sometimes too. alpha factors are okay, they fit a lot longer than like, gk and dreamlight. so personally i would just stick to those:)
but i'm sure motionwear has good ones. some of my teammates wear them and like them.
I have got leotards from, they are very good and cheap, but older styles if you want cheaper ones
i have had motionwear, alpha and gk
i prefer alpha

motionwear the cut was not so comfortable
as for size, alpha i would take AM which is AL in gk

gk are good by the way
Don't know how I missed this thread.....

If you are still looking for new leos, I do custom ones (starting at $20). You pick your fabrics, style, and back. My website is listed in my signature!
try ebay

I get alot of leos for my girls from Flip FLop Leos on ebay. great prices, great styles, and very comfy.
I LOVE Ebay...I don't think my DD owns a leo that wasn't purchased from ebay. I also resell her outgrown ones on Ebay as well...helps pay for the new ones!! Sometimes I have even made more than I paid for one. That is always nice!!!
gymnastics leotards

Also take a look at Gym Brat Leotards.

If you navigate to the size chart page, there are sizing examples that help to determine the proper size leotard. I currently have sizing examples for the most popular sizes, but am still looking for sizing examples for some of the smaller and larger sizes. :)
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