Motionwear leotards

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I saw this leotard online and fell completely in love with it :p
Solar Spin Foiled Side Swirl Leotard

Actually, I loved practically all of the designs they had listed, but this one especially. I'm thinking of asking for it for my birthday.

The thing is, all 3 of my leotards are GK, so I've never worn a motionwear leotard before. I'm not worried about the sizing because it can be exchanged, but I don't know if it has any uncomfortable quirks or rides up. Do they get sweat stains? I had a bad experience with a gk leo that I bought that would show big blotches when I got sweaty. What is your experience with motionwear leotards? :confused: The designs appeal to me much more then the GK ones I've seen, but who knows, it could be all scratchy on the inside or something xD

Also, a note on sizing, do they run large, small, wide, long? My measurements are approximately:
Chest: 32-34
Waist: 24-26 (can't quite remember)
Hip: 33-36 (can't quite remember either)
Girth: 59-62
Basically, I'm long and skinny. It'd be even better if the motionwear leotards ran a little long.
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My dd is also long and skinny and GK fits her best. For comparison, in GK she wears a child large, and in motionwear she wears a child medium. Some of the motionwear leos fit her well, but others are very loose in the stomach. Also many of the motionwear styles hurt under her arms (she has the classic gymnast shoulders). Good news, I haven't seen sweat stains on her motionwear leos, but because of her body shape I am sticking with GK unless she can try them on in person.
On the Motionwear website ( there is an option to download their gymnastics catalog. I imagine you would be able to find a size chart in there that might give you a decent idea of what size you would be. They also have a store locater on the website, maybe you could find a dance type retail store near you to try on a sample Motionwear leotard before ordering.
Some of the girls I coach have worn them to practice and they are really cute with neat colors and fabrics, but that's about all I can tell you.
I know the local dance shops around here carry that brand. Maybe call one in your area and see if they do so you can try it on. My daughter has tried that brand on but didn't care for the way they fit (but she is really picky about how her leotards fit).
My gymmie went through a phase when all she would wear were motionwear. Right now, she's just not liking the colors/designs. We found the ran a little larger than GK which was fine since she's very muscular through the shoulders/chest. Never had any problem with sweat stains. As far as wear and tear, they held up quite well.
they give out motionwear leos at rthe chicago style meet and i love them!! there SOO comfortable! :D
Back when I was a gymnast, Motionwear was brand new.

I found them to be very hit or miss. My favorite leotard in the world was a pink tie dye with a unique back, Motionwear. And our team leos were ALSO motionwear & they drove me up a tree because they ran a bit short and wide. VERY hit or miss.

(this was in, like, the early 2000s. I'd assume they've got some consistency going on by now).
We used them for comp. leos one year. The sizing names was off. The leos fit, but the names did not match what we ordered. They were some of our faves. Held up really well and were beautiful. :)
I LOVE Motionwear leos. I have only one, but it's great. They are slightly loose in the stomach and slightly tight in the underarms, but once you work out a few times it streches. (The underarms I mean) The wear and tear is great! Not a spot on mine, and I got it from my friend who had it for 2 years, who got it from a coach who had it at least 4! They're very pretty. By the way, I really want the same one.
Rep at Congress told me they run about 1/2 size bigger than GK. So as DD's AXS are feeling tight in length, I get her the PA (AXS) in Motionwear. They last great - she wears them often. She is long and thin in torso, so the GK AS are too big for her right now. She has had problems with itchy ones (mostly from GK), but has never complained with the Motionwear.

Good luck if you decide to get it.
I would say that Motionwear runs almost a whole size bigger than GK. I have all adult mediums in Gk leos and all Adult smalls for Motionwear. I love both companies but I would have to say Motionwear is my favorite. The leos are beautiful and comfy.
Thanks for all the opinions everyone! I'm still thinking about whether or not to get it, but if it runs a half size big that might be a good size for me since a gk adult large is a liiittle bit big but an adult medium is definitely small-ish. My main concern is whether or not the leo would a. ride up or b. fade immediately lol.
DD's don't ride up and the first one she got was at IGC and she was able to wear it for almost 3 years! It didn't fade, and held up real good.
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