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Jan 17, 2008
I was just wondering - What is your gyms 'move up' policy.

At our gym you need the skills first and foremost. Then you need the following score to move up.

Up to L4 you need your skills - our Gym starts competiting at L5.

L5 to L6 - 31.0
L6 - L7 - 31.0
L7 - L8 - 31.0
L8 - L9 - 34.0
L9 - L10 - 34.0 I think.

This policy has changed a few times over the years. At one point the girls needed a 33.0 to move from level to level.

I wanted to post the question because I see a lot of people talking about 'scoring out' of the level. I have only seen this done once in our gym. Most of the time the girls compete the entire season then move up


Jul 5, 2007
Those are also the USAG minimum mobility scores.

It hasn't been contingent on score (provided you met the minimum) anywhere I've been, only on whether you have the skills for the next level ready with acceptable technique. In each level the requirements were generally somewhat to significantly more than the bare minimum skills that could fulfill the level SRs for optionals. However, if someone's highest AA in L7 was a 31, or even a 32 or 33, I doubt they could manage to move up to 8 the next year at any of the gyms I've been at, unless something major clicked, but if something major really clicked and by the time competition season was starting, they had all the 8 skills with acceptable form and technique, they probably would start in L8.


Jun 24, 2008
It's based primarily on skills at my gym. However, I don't think we've moved anyone up in the past few years that hasn't hit at least a mid-35 fairly consistently by the end of the season. Like gymdog said, the general feeling is that if you aren't successful at one level (my gym would probably define this as placing AA at state), you probably won't be successful at the next, barring some extenuating circumstances. We occasionally score kids out of levels, but those kids usually knock off a high 36-37 when they test out because they already have the skills/ability to be competitive at the next level.


Our old gym wanted the girls to score 36+ at two meets in order to move up, but that rule wasn't set in stone.

I'm not entirely sure about our new gym because DD is in a different group than the regular compulsory team girls. Her coach (the optionals HC) said she just needs to score 31 AA in L5, though she likely will compete in all four L5 meets for the experience, and L6 (hopefully in just one meet, not a full season). Her goal for DD is not to perfect the details of the compulsory routines but rather to get her training optionals as soon as possible.


We don't have an actual score to move up. I would say for the most part, the girls that score consistently in the high 34's and up have a good chance, but our coaches take attitude and attendance before they rely on scores. We are all left confused sometimes, because there are some girls that score in the 36's and seem to have a great attitude, but don't move up?! Sometimes I think it would be nice if it was as simple as a score:)!


Aug 29, 2007
The gym I coach at (or coached until recently) you needed the following scores:

Level 4 to 5: 35 at 3 meets or more plus all level 5 skills
Level 5 to 6: 34 at 2 meets plus all Level 6 skills
Level 6 to 7: I really hate this level so we usually just tested the girls out so they only needed 1 31.0 and all their level 7 skills.
Level 7 to 8: Well I always wanted the girls to get 36 at a couple meets, and of course have all their level 8 skills. The reason I left was that the HC didn't agree and moved the girls up whenever she wanted even if they weren't ready and were missing skills...sigh.

My thought is I want the girls to be sucessful in whatever level they are in. I'd rather them be in the top of their level then the bottom. The HC didn't agree with me. The girls that we did keep back another year, are having a sucessful year, those she pushed up are lucky they are score 31 or 32's. Why push them when they have so much time...sigh. Anyway, that's just my way of looking at things.


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Jan 4, 2008
At our gym, they are required to have ALL the skills nessesary for the next level in order to move up.

In Australia the minimum scores to move up is 44.0 AA for levels 1-6 and level 10. 41.00 AA for level 7, 42.00 for level 8 and 43.00 AA for level 9. But this is the minimum and most kids score far higher than this before moving on.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I don't know of an official policy, but I have heard that to move from L4-L5 at DDs gym, you need to score 33.0AA at 2 meets. They have a training L5 group that competes at 4, but trains for L5.


I have gone to gyms with all sorts of different policies. One gym tested you on the skills for that level. They didn't care what your comp. scores were. On each skill they gave you a score from 1-3 (1 being worst, 3 being the best), and would take off on bent legs, unpointed toes, etc. They expected atleast a two on each skill in order to move up ( added up scores instead of saying you got a 1.5 you can't move up). example if there was 3 items they were testing you on (there is usually a lot more) you would need a score of 6 to move up.

Others just do all around :)


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Feb 5, 2006
Our goal is for all compulsory girls to get a 36 before moving up to the next level. Our director wants a 36 at 3 meets, but we do look at those who have not scored that and have all the skills for the next level. Nothing is set in stone, every child is different and all aspects need to be looked at.
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