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May 20, 2009
My 3 1/2 year old was promoted to the "Preschool 2" class at her gym and the first class was today. She did so good! They did backwards rolls down the cheese mat and she was doing them by herself by the end of class. She got to walk on the "real" beam (the medium height one). She was a little timid at first but did it by herself on the last time around their obstacle course (the instructor stood right next to her the entire time). They also had a ladder that led up onto the vault table and she loved jumping off of it onto the mat. Then they also did the standard forward rolls, handstands with feet climbing up the wall, jumping on trampoline...all that good stuff.

The best thing is...we moved her from an evening class, when the gym is SUPER crowded, to a morning class and there was NO ONE in the gym...and there is only 1 other girl in her class so far. So it was just my daughter, the other little girl and her awesome instructor. They had the whole gym to themselves! They will have camps in the gym every other week, so next week there will be kids there, but at least half the time she'll have the place mostly to herself!

Anyway, I just wanted to share. I'm really proud of her. I'm pretty new here but I've been reading through all of the posts and have learned so much already! Thanks for letting me share! :)


I just had to say I love your avatar - it's just so cute! and Well done to your little one.


Well Congrats to your little gymmie! She making progress in such little time! It sounds like she is really enjoying herself at the gym. It needs to remain that kind of FUN for her as long as possible. It sounds like you really like her coach which is such a plus! Looking back what I'd do over is not allow Liv's coaches to take her training so seriously so soon. Coaches sometimes can get too excited about a young talent and push and push and they are too little for that still. I remember a few months back, dd was 5.5 years old she said to me: "Mama gymnastics used to be fun when I was little but now it's only hard work." That's when I realized that something had to change. Now at her new gym she has found enjoyment in her training again. We are both much happier.

Enjoy these little milestones. They grow up so quick. I know as parents when can get anxious to see some real gymnastics skills but it will come before you know it. BTW I absolutely love your avatar. She looks adorable!!:D
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