For Coaches moving double backs to the floor

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Feb 22, 2007
I have a girl working on a double back whe can currently land it consistently off rod floor to 16 inches above ground level. My question is you guys decide to move them form rod floor to the floor.
Apr 9, 2007
never trained them on rod. We usually go from tramp to tumbl trak to in ground resi to 8incher to 4 incher to floor. I would guess if you're only training it on rod, you must make sure she has the proper aerial awareness and has the height to do the skill. Its a pretty easy skill to spot so as long as you can do that safely you'll have to make your own judgement call.


Nov 12, 2007
The difference between the rod floor and the floor can be quite big. I would spend some time reworking drills from on the floor or from floor into pit or stack of mats. As CoachL said its just a matter of making sure that she does have that same height, and awareness.
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