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Proud Parent
Mar 13, 2017
Hi all. I just found this forum and am hopeful I can get some advice on a gym in Denver. A little background: I have 2 DD's my ODD is 6, will be 7 in May. YDD is 3. ODD has been in gymnastics since we started a parent and tot class when she was 18 months. We live in Chicago and go to a park district gym. She's currently on the tumbling team (level 4) and pre-team for gymnastics. Team starts at level 3. She's been on pre-team and tumbling team since the fall.

The gym we are currently at has two coaches. The tumbling coach is very stern and rarely compliments the kids on anything. She focuses almost exclusively on the mistakes the girls make. My DD is very high strung. She's super sensitive, very competitive, has very high standards for herself and frustrates easily. It's been really hard for her to deal with the amount of "yelling" as she calls it from her coach. The tumbling coach coaches her 3 nights a week and the gymnastics coach coaches her one night a week. The gymnastics coach is much nicer. My DD is not at all singled out by her coach, it's just the coach's style. I've talked to her and her attitude is that my DD needs to be pushed and that she lacks focus. I agree, but think there are better ways to go about helping my DD.

When we told our DD that we are moving to Denver she told us she doesn't want to do gymnastics there. I think the problem is the fit with the coach. So, all this to ask if there are gyms that people recommend in Denver where DD may have a better experience. DD is crazy strong, very flexible, but tends to rush through things. She's competed in 2 tumbling meets and has scored at the bottom of her group, which was really hard for her.

Would love any and all advice.



Proud Parent
Oct 13, 2008
Denver is big. Try to narrow down a quadrant for us. Also, how far are you willing to drive (in traffic)? Are you looking for just T&T or full WAG?

Here is the link to the Colorado USAG site:


Proud Parent
Mar 13, 2017
I looked on the CO USAG and I couldn't find any tumbling teams. I think part of her current dislike is that it's already too much for her to be on both teams (4 nights a week, 8 hours total weekly + meets), so a single team would be better. I've been looking into XCEL and wonder if that would be a better fit too.

We haven't found a house yet, but are focusing on South City Park, Wash Park and University Park areas. I think the following would be doable from where we may end up:

Dardano's (no XCEL)
Gymnastics Plus
Gymtegrity (no XCEL)
DU jr. Pioneers (no XCEL)
Peak Athletics Plus

Thanks for any insights.


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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
I would suggest narrowing it down to 2-3 and doing a trial at each. That will give you some ideas. And/or when you get to Denver, stop in and watch practices for a bit and see what you think.


Proud Parent
Aug 18, 2013
Looking at the gyms on your list, Adrenaline and CGI would likely be the most intense in terms of hours and commitment, especially at the compulsory levels. DU lost a large number of compulsory gymnasts in the past year, and I have heard rumors that they are going Xcel only, but that is just rumor as far as I know. Peak has a large cheer program, and would probably be where I would look first if I wanted to focus on T&T. The owner of Gymnastics Plus passed away at the end of 2016, so I am not sure how that will play out in the day to day for the future. Adrenaline's Xcel program is still fairly intense as far as Xcel programs go...I don't know about the rest.


Proud Parent
Aug 23, 2016
My daughter is at CGI and competing Xcel She is 8. It is her first year competing and she loves it! The coaches are kind and the kiddos work hard. She receives plenty of positive feedback and constructive feedback. I have been a full time coach (swimming) for over 20 years so I am looking at this through a coaches eyes. I know little about gymnastics, but I am impressed with the coaching philosophy. I don't know anything about other gyms as we started there with rec. Good luck with your move!
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