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Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Had to dd had an in-house meet yesterday and got her required score to move up to level 3!:D She got her first blue ribbon ever on floor with a 9.7 (including her back arch which she worked so hard to get!) and got 2nd place AA. I'm so proud of her! I will try to get a video up but I am having techincal difficulites...

Anyway, had to share. This week we add 3 more hrs of practice (which she will love and I will have to find a way to get her there!:rolleyes:). We are hoping she'll be a level 4 by January!

Awesome job!! Hope she has fun in L3! I am sure she will love being in the gym more, they just can't see to get enough. :D
That is so awesome - way to go !!! Good luck to her in L3 :)
Didn't see the vid before I posted my last post:p She looks awesome! I love the headstand.:)
Ahhh, she is so cute and did such a good job. Tell her congratulations!
Too Cute! Great job! She looks ready for the challenge of level 3. Good job to you as well on the technical video stuff.. I know what you mean:eek:
Not open for further replies.