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Oct 17, 2016
We are moving to NZ form the UK in the summer. We are still waiting to hear whether it will be Auckland or Wellington. I was wondering if anyone could recommend gym clubs in either of the 2 cities. My daughter is an elite Womens Artistic gymnast, trains 5 days a week in the UK.
Also if you have an idea of cost that will be helpful. Thanks
I am not in either of those two cities, but as there are not too many people from NZ on here, I'll try to answer. Current national team members have come from Tristar Gymnastics and NHG gymnastics in Auckland and Capital Gymnastics in Wellington, so those are definitely capable of training high level gymnasts.

Most clubs in NZ have very little information on their competitive programmes available online, so I do not have any information about their fees and hours. As a comparison, senior gymnasts in our club train around 15 hours a week and it costs around NZ$350-400 per month. All the clubs that I know do not really change comp leos designs and you keep yours until you either grow out of it or until it falls apart. When that happens there usually is an active second-hand market for replacements.

When are you looking to move? Our competition season is about to start, with Nationals this year being in July, but this will probably move to October in the future.
Thanks for your quick response. We are probably leaving in July but it is still to be confirmed. It is likely to Auckland but yet to be confirmed. I shall contact the clubs you mentioned.
How does it work with insurance. In the UK we have to join British Gymnastics (or equivalent) which covers you for liability insurance (is this necessary with ACC) and medical (which avoids NHS waiting for scans etc.) if it is accident like breaking your arm but not long term conditions that may develop. I know the medical side is different and we will get medical insurance but with my daughter having quite a few injuries expecting her gym not to be covered!!
ACC will cover accidents for everyone in NZ, even visitors and it includes accidents in the gym (been there, done that). For eligible children doctor/nurse appointments are free. Eligibility will depend on your residency status, so you will need to check that. Physio appointments are not free, although they are subsidised by ACC if treatment is necessary after an accident. If you need to see a specialist, it does help to have private insurance as there are waiting lists here and a shortage of specialists in the public system (probably less of a problem in Auckland).

Not sure if NZ Gymnastics has some kind of collective insurance. We do pay a quarterly levy of about NZ$25, but forgot what it is for. I am also not sure if it is dependent on the level or not.

Also, Auckland traffic is nuts, so make sure you choose to live somewhere close-ish to work and then find the nearest club. I have friends who spend close to two hours getting to work and two back, not much fun.
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