Anon Moving up to Gold or staying in Silver?

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Jul 12, 2023
I am a 7th grader who was a first-year Silver last season. I was the highest-scoring gymnast on my team and placed very well at States (and missed Regionals by a hair!!!) Because of this, my coaches think that I could do Gold if I am up for the challenge.

My beam and bars are ready for Gold and my FHS vault is okay, but I would struggle on floor. My back tumbling is kind of weak due to my multiple injuries and toe walking which is why they think I could also benefit from another year in Silver. I could also use the second year in Silver to get more consistent on the Gold skills I already have. But I really want to move up to Gold. I love to challenge myself and would love to have more time to practice.

If I stayed in Silver one more year, I would have another year to polish my skills for Gold, score high, and possibly qualify for Regionals. If I moved up to Gold, I would score lower and have to work even harder to catch up on floor, but I would really enjoy the challenge and spending more time in the gym. I'm very conflicted. Please give advice.
If your beam and bars are gold-ready, I would go for it! You can do Gold floor without back tumbling...just get creative! My daughter had a back tumbling block for the first half of her gold season, and she just adapted her routine.
When does your competition season start? I'm guessing that you have at least 4-5 months before your first meet. I'd go for gold. It's better to be challenged and work hard than be bored repeating. Plus, you can always repeat gold the following year.