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Proud Parent
Dec 9, 2008
So, it looks like I'll be coaching a young group of level 3 boys next year! I'm excited about this new journey, but could also use any drills you might have for mushroom.... because well..Mushroom. iykyk. My son started competing this year and I've begun to realize that men's and women's gymnastics is a very different beast. Most events I'm pretty confident in teaching... level 3 is just really basics, and good gymnastics is good gymnastics (I've taught everything from parent/tot classes to rec class to girls lower level competitive teams over the past 23 years), but I have no frame of reference for mushroom except watching my just- turned- seven- year-old level 3. The head coach is awesome and will always be available to help, but crowd-sourcing info from lots of experts never hurts!!
Not open for further replies.