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well... actually m jus a beginnr n workin out for aerobic gymnastics..:)
i dnt hv a proper idea ov wot music cn u perform on... n i hv a competition cumin up diz month.. preparing for ma elements i require a proper fst music.. if u cud help me wid a few trackz or sumfin wud b gr8...i gotta perform for 1min 54secz..

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I'm sorry if this comes accross as rude, but a word of advice: people on internet forums will take you much more seriously if you type in English, not AIM-style shorthand.

Anyway, what sort of music are you looking for?

There's lots of great music on If you can give me a more specific idea of what you want, I can probably reccomend some specific tracks.

There's already another topic discussing routine music, with some pretty good links.


Please keep this a coaches forum... not a gangsta forum.

Can you use music with words?
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