OT Music at your gym?

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Sep 3, 2005
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We just hooked up our gym with a $2000 Yamaha sound system, a computer with internet access, and Napster. IT ROCKS! We all make our own playlists and we have new music all the time.

It's really easy to do and you can do it with a cheap stereo, old computer, and $9.95 a month for Napster (I reccommend an awsome stereo).

You can also load all of your routine music and other random kids music onto the compter.

We still have a cd player, tape player, and fm radio...but the internet is awsome.
cool. we always argue over what to listen to. people usually mix cd's.
Our gym has great music. All the gymnasts routine music is loaded, just pop in the number and off it goes. The head coach also has more music then sam the record man, everything from the latest hits to 1980's alternative (my kind of music) to hip hop.

The kids just love it, music to train to.
Oooh I love having music on. I like the radio and stuff. Dance music is good too. I like having the beat in the background, but normally I'm a indie or hiphop girl :p.

I hate when you're on beam and a really good song you want to dance to comes on but you can't because it's not in your routine ! (Bad experience at a meet before ha ha)
i think music totally sets the mood for training. when good music is on i train harder. the suckish part is that my coach likes really crummy music, either old wierd stuff or overplayed popuar stuff. so we always end up changing the radio station when hes not looking, and then he'll change it back whenever he notices, and then we change it again... lol i wish we could just agree on something! personally i think we should get to chose, we're the ones training!!! and you just know it's gonna be a good day when the spice girls are on...
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