music for prep opts for 7 year old

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Jul 29, 2007
Does anyone have any suggestions on music for a 7 year old? The coach said it needed to be elegant, but age appropriate. My dd is very serious when she is on the floor, so I don't think anything silly would work for her.

Thanks for the input.
Feb 26, 2007
Check out the gymnet site in the stickied music thread. There is Mulan and Hercules, both a young, but not too cutesy

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
How long does it need to be?

Not sure if it would count as "elegant," but I recently threw together a short vocal-less cover of "short people" for use as routine music, and we ended up not using it. If you'll mention my website to the coach, I'll send you the track, with edits if necessary.

(I just think "short people" would be such a great track for somebody really young)


I have a few shorter pieces that incorporate some classical style but also some more modern stuff. Nothing silly but appropriate for a 7 year-old (there is one on my gym right now using the music). Email me [email protected] if you are interested in a sample.
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