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Jan 23, 2013
I know there have been similar posts, but is there any music that just makes you cringe? Any that you just hear way too often? Trying to pick a some for my new level 7. TIA!!
Nowhere near picking music for floor yet- but have wondered.. do u get to pick anything?? Do you try to do classical or pop? Does it have to have a certain rhythm so you can do the acro(?) skills to it?? I can't think of one that bugs be (besides the ones that are very inappropriate) but I love "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy - or has that been done to death by now??
She is actually a level 6...not sure why I didn't notice that I put 7!!

The final decision will go to her coach, but she is listening to music. We were given guidelines. She is a tiny but powerful 8 year old, so we are looking for fast paced and probably a little bit cutesy. I am not sure what is over done right now, which is why I am asking!!
Not open for further replies.