For Parents My 5 year old is moving to the our gyms first miniteam

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
I started her in June right after her 5th birthday June 3rd in tumblebugs which is the 3-5 year old class at our gym. She moved up to the invite only advanced tumble bugs in August and tonight she got moved to the first miniteam which is pretty much level 2 to 3. The next miniteam level is the one right before level 4 so it is a 3/4 level. Both our miniteams do not compete but they are invite only levels and she will now be going 2 nights a week for 1 hour. I am proud of her:) oh yep and another 40 bucks a month for me too, yikes... I am going to need two jobs soon to pay for gymnastics between a 2nd year level 4 and her sibling flying up the levels.
I do think Madi will be here in the first miniteam for a while because they have to have their back hip circle and shoot through to move up to the next miniteam level along with their bad side cartwheel and a front limber too.
Aug 27, 2006
Congrats to your dd!! it is exciting and more expensive once you start getting into the preteam and competition levels hopefully you wont have to get an extra job to pay for it.


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
Congrats thats great!!! I know what you mean about money!!
my girls were just moved to the Preteam that we have and I have 2 in there!! and yes MUCH more money!! but its soo worth it!!!

Look forward to hearing her grow in this miniteam!!


Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
It's the best money you'll ever spend as long as your kid is enjoying it! Thank god I have the opportunity to work off my daughters tuition. $215 a month.
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