My 6-year-old just did

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400 non-stop sit ups!!! It was crazy!!! I had no idea she could do that!!! :eek:
Congratulations, I think lol. :) Sounds like she needs to start training the marines :)

Give her hugs and tell her mommies computer friends are quite impressed!
hehehe... I'll tell her. She challenged her big brother to a sit up contest. She said she could do 40 and he said he could do 100. Sure enough, he did 100. But by the time he'd done his 100, she was up to 200 and wanted to keep going. In the end, she did 400 sit ups, smiling the whole time. Now she can't wait to tell her coach at practice next week.
Dang, thats pretty impressive. I can probably do that many, but not without quite a few breaks in between!
Yeah - I can totally do that too - I just don't like to show off, LOL. Seriously though - that is really awesome. You'll have to let us know if she if sore tomorrow.
I'm wondering about that myself. She wasn't even slowing down as she approached 400, so maybe she won't be too bad. I'll have the ibuprofen ready just in case.
She probably won't be extremely sore if she wasn't exhausting her muscles, but if she hasn't already stretched her stomach (seal stretch) she'll probably want to do that!
Thats awesome! Tell her congrats! I always like to challenge guys to conditioning and tell all think they can beat me. haha sorry boys that doesn't happen
ohmylanta! That is insane! tell her congrats on her strong muscles! :)
i can do a lot too but then again we are all likre more than double her age! haha
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