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Jun 24, 2008
Hi, my daughter just started gymnastics and she loves it. She's been in competive dance for two years now, so she had a lot of tumbling under her belt. But, she just got on the bars, vault and beam for the first time yesterday. She is hooked!

I thought this site would be great a source of information for us as we begin our journey into gymnastics!

Oh and about us. My name is Dagny. I have four kids and am pregnant with my fifth. My gymnast is Ryan (girl) and she is 7. After a quick trial to see what she could do, the coaches put in her level 3 at gymnastics. That's it.

Thanks for reading!

Hey, I have five kids too! Maybe we can swap ideas on how to keep babies happy at the gym events. :)
My DD is five and L3-4 but not yet competing.
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