For Parents My dd found a new gym!!

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Jun 13, 2007
My dd found a new gym. She is actually on a team at this gym. The coach is actually impressed with her skill and form. What a great change for her!! I am a little leary because of all that has happened to her, but am not expressing this outwardly as not to set up a bad vibe. I'm just keeping a wait and see attitude. The gym staff seems very nice, and the biggest thing you see when you walk in the gym is the mural stating "Your child doesn' have to be the best ... They only have to try their best." Hope that is their true belief not just a slogan. She is on a USAIGC Copper team, they will only do about 4 competitions this year, but the coaches say she has more than enough potentional to go to level 4/USAIGC Bronze team (they compete both kinds of gymnastics as a combined team) in a year or less. They said they don't think size and height will hold her back if she is willing to put the extra effort into keeping her strength up. So I guess getting kicked out of our last gym wasn't a bad thing after all.


That's awesome! I'm so glad to hear that your daugther has found a gym with such a positive outlook. I agree with the saying that is on their mural; being the best is nice, but trying your best is perfect. Don't let your daughter give up, and I'm sure she'll keep working hard!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Hi Sunshine & fellow Jersey girl!
Glad you were able to find a new gym. I think the mural says it all & hope you're dd has finally found a place where she feels comfortable and happy. I think that is important for both of you. Our gym doesn't do the USAIGC but I've heard all good things about it & it sounds like a good place to start. Good Luck this season!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Good for your daughter Carman. I am glad you found a place where she seems to fit in. Best of luck this coming season!

Fellow NJian here. My daughter's season will be kicking off in a few weeks! It's so exciting. I bet that your daughter can't wait to compete either!


Im so happy for your dd My new gym has a slogan like that it goes something
like this *Succsess is not a talent succsess is an attidude and commitment*
But again I hope she is very happy and makes new friends at that gym!
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