My first practice results

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Aug 26, 2008
So I just got back from my first practice. And it was... AWESOME! :D

I got to the gym and was so exicted to see my friends and coaches. I handed the 50 page folder to the HC (doctors...yeesh) for him to look at. Basically it's 50 pages of things that simplified could be put on a napkin.

Anyways, so my coach talks to me about the doctor's visit, precautions, etc. and has me stretch. Then the HC (who is a super-nice and really elite-gym-kinda-level guy) says he wants to watch me during practice. I was stoked!

So my coach told me that for the rest of October and November, we're going to work on re-learning all the basics again. He's hoping that if we can get real good progress on bars and get a solid vault performance, that I can go to the meet in December. So all we worked in practice today was bar stuff and some basic flips on a trampoline. The entire time HC was watching! :D

And then there was a slight speed-bump. A couple and there daughter came to try out. They looked like a well-to-do family, mom was wearing some ritzy jewels and daughter was in a snappy leo. So they demanded that the HC watch there daughter try out, saying how "amazed" he would be at her grace and artistry. Well HC flat out told them "No." They were like "WHAT! Are daughter is only 12 and she could be your highest ranking gymnast!" He said "I'm working with my highest-ranking gymnast right now. She's re-copperating from a injury and I need to work with her. Kevin will watch your daughter try out" So they were all huffy later but Kevin tried her out and said she would be a Level 7. I thought "Oh joy, I get the intense-protective-controlling-parent's kid in my group."

So anyways, we worked on bars for most of the hour and 1/2 practice. We were trying to see what skills my body remembered and which ones we had to re-learn. And actually my body remembers how to do an exchange from bar to bar, a piourette, and my KIP! I was so happy!!! HC says that it will be easier now for him to design a routine for me.

My flips were ok. We first worked on the mats, and I couldn't even do a front flip, so we went on trampoline. Coach said we will have to work on building my confidence back up. But HC said by Janurary I should be able to compete floor and beam.

So that was my first practice! I am so happy to be back in gym and the atmosphere of chalk, sweat, and shorts! (we're pretty much required to wear shorts, unless we are doing vault, if you are 12 and over. Weird I know...) But I cannot wait for my next practice on Wednesday (I'm going to start going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). It was amazing.

P.S. Shows how long it's been. I got a rip today! :rotfl:


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Congrat's AA Girl. I am so happy for you. I know this has been a long time coming for you. And Kudo's to your HC for putting off the snooty family.

Keep us posted on your progress.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Awesome Spunky Sprewster!!!! (That's my new nickname for you cause you remind me of Punky Brewster on that old TV show) :) Anyway--great job!! That's so cool that HC said all those nice things about you!!! It's great that you also haven't lost much skill from being out!! Can't wait to hear more updates!!!


I'm so glad it went well, chica!

Best of luck in the future.
Oct 10, 2008
:highfive: YEEHAAA, nice job. Way to go AA girl, you'll have all the skills back before you know it!
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