My First Private Lesson!

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Just wanted to give you all a little update on my first private lesson with my lil ds. It was just 30 minutes so it wasn't too intense. We did some stretching and warmed up with some handstands and then cartwheels and round-offs.

We went over to the tumble track and we did some jumps and drills to get used to the bounce and then we did some dive rolls. Next it was off to bars doing some basic swings and stuff. I told him that I wanted to learn a kip and he was excited that I wanted to learn. We finished up on the climbing rope and I only made it up to about maybe a third of the way--man! I have total respect and admiration for all you little gymnasts that can shimmy on up that rope in like 3 seconds!! It is tough climbing a rope!!!!!

Halfway through the practice Julian wasn't liking the lesson very much because he said that I was getting too much attention from the teacher and he didn't like that. I felt so bad! The last thing I wanted to do was to take anything away from his lesson. There aren't too many adults that do gymnastics at the gym besides the coaches so I think my teacher was just so psyched that an adult and a "mom" was interested in gymnastics and could actually do some stuff. Julian still had a great time with me but I think he didn't want to "share" the attention from the coach, ya know?

I told Julian that next lesson, I will let him have more time with coach and I will work more on my own. He seemed happy with that response!

I like the idea of doing a lesson with Julian because it gives us something to do together. Sometimes at home, I will let him be "my coach" and he will give me little exercises to do on the mat and teach me how to stretch and make up little routines for me to do. It's soo cute! I can tell that he is learning something in class by the way he talks to me and tells me what skills to do. I'm glad that all that money is well spent in him actually retaining some information!!!

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you are so brave! i would be horrible at gymnastics. i cracked up at the rope thing though. i hear parents being frustrated with their kids that they can't get up and i think "you try it sometime." LOL.
You'll have to let us know when you get your kip :D

I can understand why it would be fun for the coach to coach an adult who wants to do stuff. I tried to climb the rope once and definitely didn't get too far. I hope you and Julian keep on having fun with the lessons together.
I love it! I wish my parents would have done that with me lol. Best of luck in the future!
Sounds like you had a tone of fun....can't wait for next weeks report. Hopfully the coach works out a way for it to be fun for both of you equally.
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