My first rip today!!!!

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Oct 19, 2008
New York
:DI got my first rip today!!!
It was my first day doing bars, and i was trying to do pullovers, and at the end of practice, i looked down and there it was!
I was soo happy until i tried to wash my hands, and put peroxide on it...i almost screamed cuz i didnt expect it to hurt as much as it did!
Not looking forward to future rips, but I feel so accomplished now that I got my first rip!

Here it is! Sorry its so big, cb wasnt letting me make it smaller

Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
Congrats, you finally got your first rip. I agree they go downhill after the first one, ecspecially when they rip once,or twice a week.........Need I say more?
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
my grandma said i needed to clean it, and we didnt have any antiseptic cream or anything, so she put peroxide on it
she said it wouldnt hurt...but it DEFINATLY did

ok, it definitely hurts. My mom said the exact same thing once.
...she was like oh it wont hurt.
but it seriously killed! i will never do that agian. and all it did was dry it out so it started cracking and bleeding :(

Oct 19, 2008
New York
u guys were soooo right!
i got rip #2 yesterday...twice the size of the first a blister
definatly not fun
still excited to go back tomorrow tho :D
thanks for all of ur congrats!


congrads.. now the worst part, rips on your rips. just throw some chalk and water on em and you're good for another run/routine. woo.
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