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So Olivia and Julia started their ballet class. It was fun trying to get them all dressed up for it. Liv was having a fit because she hates tights and her hair pull back but once she saw herself all dressed up, she loved it. They were both a little nervous but they held on to eachother and walked in. I did not mention to their dance teacher that they do gym. I figured one thing has nothing to do with the other except when dance teacher would ask Liv to leap across the floor and instead she would cartwheel across the floor-:eek:. Both dds looked more graceful than I had expected.

When the class was over the dance teacher talked to me about dance competitions. I was like: "no sorry I am not looking to have them compete in dance." I had to explain to her their training schedule etc. They switched her to precompetition class anyway. And its with younger girls (5-7years). Its 45 in ballet, 45 jazz, 45 acro. I asked both dd what there favorite part was and both said: Acro!!:eek:

I told them acro is gymnastics and that we are here to dance!! Liv then said Ballet is hard, Acro is easy! No matter what they are true gymnast at heart! Feels good to know for sure that Liv does gym because she loves it and not because she it trying to please me. Her biggest concern was how doing ballet was going to affect her gym time. Her dad also wants her to try soccer (he was/is a soccer player) but she only wants gym. Whew!

Here is their clip. Hope you all enjoy!
YouTube - First Ballet Class Liv and Jules
Aw, they are soOo cute!! Did they like it?

Pixie wasn't a fan of tap/ballet. At the end of the season they did a huge recital and she thought that was fun. The theme wa New York, New York and her little class did their routine to Lion King. She loved the little dance they did and the costume but she did not care for going to class and would beg me to stay home. I knew at the end of the season I couldn't keep her in class anymore. So she didn't go after that. Here's baby Pixie after the recital, lol!


I often thought about supplementing her gymnastics with ballet, one day. If the need ever arises (or if she wants to). Is that why your girls are doing ballet? Or just for the experience? I've read about some gymnasts doing dance as well and was just wondering how much of a necessity it is. Because I honestly don't know if she'd be willing to put on another pair of ballet slippers, haha!!
She looks absolutely adorable! Her little face is precious. She looks so little. How old was she in this pic?

Well my girls had never really tried anything besides gymnastics. So last year I wanted to give them a chance to try something different and Julia loves ballerinas. I initially wanted them both to try it but Liv insisted on only gym. After Julia's recital, Liv really wanted to try it (she loves to perform). So I figured this is the time to do it before her gym schedule gets too hectic. I have also heard how beneficial it is for the gymnast to do ballet. But mostly I just wanted her to try something else so that down the line she can't say she didn't. I've also talked to her about starting soccer or swimming (she's a great little swimmer) but she adamant about her gymnastics. In fact I had a hard time convincing her that taking ballet would not affect/interupt her gym schedule. And only then did she agree to dance.

They've already started practicing their dance routine for the recital and it's a jazz number. There is a lot of hip shaking and boy is Liv loving it! Sometimes I can't believe she's mine. I am the most introverted, shy person I know and she can not be further from that. She is social, confident and not bashful in the least. Julia is more like me. She is more timid around people she doesn't know and it takes effort on her part to "show off". Mostly she uses her sister to break the ice and then she's all good. It's common to hear Julia say "Come on Olivia lets go make friends with her" as she shoves her sister to help her make friends. I wish I would of had a sibling to help me make friends.....
Sooo cute! They are going to have alot of fun in dance...especially the recitals! Kylie did dance (ballet and lyrical) and it helped her gymnastics alot. I loved the dance and would have loved for her to stay in it, but as you know, we had a big increase in gym hours and we had to drop the dance. She was very happy to make more room for gym time, but I wish she cold have finished the year out! It's great that you are letting Olivia try new things although I have a feeling gymnastics is always going to be first for her!
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