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01-03-2007 09:26 PM

Well today was my first day back at gym and it was great! on bars besides my hands getting blistar's it rocked i had made plenty of solar circles and 1/2 turn kips
on conditioning we worked really hard. and on beam i found that i lost my BWO proplem and my back doesn't hurt. also i made BHS on the low beam with spot. and on floor i got front flip round off BHS ! it was a great day.
my first day back was great, too. sometimes i feel weak after a break, but i this time all my tricks seemed to be a lot better. i don't know, maybe a break is good sometimes.:)
yeah my last

my last day of gym before the hoilday was very long because i was going 4 months straight four days a week ! so when i came back i felt refreashed
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