My gym has no pit and I don't know what to do

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Feb 15, 2014
Ok so I'm a level 8/9 gymnast and as I advance I realize how much we are in need of a pit. My parents worry becuase they don't want us to get hurt learning new skills and I feel like we could advance so much with a pit. Not having a pit I feel has made me not advance as fast I could've with one. For example i recently went to IGC this year for 2 weeks. They have pits there and I learned and did so many new skills that id never done without a pit. There, I did more in 2 weeks than if done in my gym in the past 6 months. My parents have already discussed this matter with my gym owner quite a lot. I mean we are going to get one but I don't think I could wait like a year(possibly 2) to get a pit. Our gym owner just says yes we are trying but the city has to sign the permissions and the process is long blah blah. But it's getting hard without a pit. We sometimes go to other gyms to use there pit but like I wish we had our own. And idk what to do. Like to switch gyms or what. I just need some advice(and sorry this is so long) thanks:)
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In reality you can't do anything about your gym not having a pit. It is their gym and they have the call which equipment they do and don't have. It's really not as simple as saying, okay let's get a pit. Pits are very expensive, they requiregood maintenance and they take up a lot of space so many gyms will need to be totally moved around and redesigned to put one in. Even if the gym really wants one they can't just snap their fingers and make it happen.

Good coaches can still make level 8/9 happen without a pit, sure its harder but it can be done.
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I totally understand you. Not having a pit makes it do much harder and makes you feel disadvantaged. If it was me I would think about moving to the other gym. But that depends on a lot of things. I know it would be hard leaving your original club but you have to look out for yourself first.
I know exactly where you are coming from. Im a level 9 gymnast and i start learning skills in the pit. When i went to a gym in florida that didnt have a pit i had no clue what to do cause at the time i was confident enough to go on the floor without a spot so i was planning on using the pit

You cant really change whether or not the gym has a pit. Getting a pit is the owners desicion and they might not have enough money to incest in one. So what i say to do is either switch gyms if they cant get one or maybe you could ask your parents to talk to the owner about getting one
It is possible without a pit there is a Canadian team (Ottawa gymnastics center) to be exact that has produced multiple Olympians without pits.

Pits are nice but not completely necessary. The biggest plus of a pit to me is not the safe factor (I personally broke my skull in a pit) it's the fact that a pit makes things much easier on joints. The owner can't go around codes to put the pit in digging a hole in the middle of your gym paving it padding it designing it. And buying the pit blocks is an extremely costly and timely process that you are most likely going to have time off from. Just my 2cents
My gym doesn't have a pit (long story short because we actually are renting the space our gym is in (for now) and can't just blow a hole in the floor). I don't think that having a pit is SUCH a great thing, but it is an advantage. The highest level we've had is 9, and that's without a pit.
Thank you all so much for your opinions. :) i know getting a pit is hard and i've thought over it alot. i think im going to finish this season and maybe think ab0ut switching gyms.
If you really feel you need to work with a pit, I'd suggest switching gyms. My coach did not ever have a pit during her days of gymnastics, they just had a big piece of foam to land on! Yet she made it to elite level! As mentioned above, pits aren't entirely safe either. A girl at my gym broke her leg when she hit the side of the pit!
I agree but my gym doesn't even have a piece of foam to land in. It really doesn't have that much equipment. but thank you by the way:)
We don't have a pit either. However, good coaches should make skills possible even at your level.
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