my gym is loosing funding, we might have to close :(

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my club found out today that next year you local council will no longer be funding our center. this means we wont have financial support and also that we will most likely have to leave the building we are currently in. i've been offered coaching jobs at other clubs but feel bad leaving my current gym in case they work something out and we can keep our jobs. but at the same time i need job security. do you think i should wait till i find out what is happening with my club to find a new job or go and find one now? i don't want to leave my squad girls (aged 8) who i've coached for three years behind should i try and find another club i can take them to and try and coach?
i'm so confused please help


You have to go with job security in these economic times. Talk to the owners or who ever is in charge and point blank ask them what are the odds that they will find the funding they need and let them know your concerned about job security at this point. If you have good job offers for equal or greater value then I would consider leaving now so you have time to bond with the girls on the new team before the meet season starts. IF the old gym lets you tell where your going to have families follow you then do that but alot of gyms don't allow coaches who are leaving to do that.


You have to do what you have to do--I agree with Cher's advice. See what the owners have to say and go from there.


SO SORRY! :( i agree with cher & cathiann! things should get better soon! :) hope they do!i will send the gym fairies on express mail from russia! :) :russia:
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