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Hi! I'm Nikki! I'm 23 and am taking an adult gymnastics class. I've been reading posts on here for a while but haven't taken the time to actually post yet :eek: I did gymnastics when I was 11 - 13, but didn't start back until September of last year. I took what was supposed to be a gymnastics class at a local gym. It turned out to be a tumbling class taught by people who weren't really coaches. They were just moms of cheerleaders at the gym who wanted to help pay for their kids tuition. The classes consisted of jumping on the trampoline for 15-20 minutes, 20 - 50(!) standing backbends, standing BHS with 2 spots down a cheese mat, and if there was any time left we did some cartwheels and round offs. Neither of these were properly taught.
So I called around to some gyms in my area and found a guy who decided to start an adult class in January. OMG! It is so awesome! The only bad part is that it's only an hour a week:( But we get there 30 minutes early to properly stretch and the class usually goes long then we'll stay for 30 minutes after to condition. Our coach is amazing. He actually has experience with adult gymnasts and he's teaching us on our level! He has us working on the level 5 compulsary floor and beam routines and the level 4 bars routine. Then on vault he's just started at the beginning and is working up.
It's so fun that we can actually see our progress as it's being put into a routine! Eventually it would be so super cool to do a meet, however I don't have the free time to be able to work out enough. Just getting away for the few hours I do every Friday is tough.
Did I mention I have 2 children? I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. That brings a whole new set of challenges to the gym. I have a place in my back that gives me trouble from having 2 epidurals. And my c-section scar gets really sore if I do too much ab work. Haha!
Anyways, I love this group and it's so encouraging to hear from some other adult gymnasts. I have 2 friends who do this with me who are also 23. Both of them have never had any experience. So we're all pretty much beginners.


Hi Nikki!
Nice to see you post! I joined this site myself not that long ago, and now I'm addicted. There are lots of great adult gymnasts on here willing to help and give great advice and encouragement. That's awesome you've found a gym that is teaching you the USAG routines! You're lucky! It's really hard to find a gym that will let adults work on routines and compete. I compete in the Prep Opt division (actually right now I'm doing nothing since I'm out injured), but would love to go through the regular levels. Good luck with the class, and look forward to hearing more from you. Welcome to the chalk bucket!
~ Danielle
Feb 3, 2009
Welcome, Nikki! Good to have you on board. It's cool that you have two kids and are doing gymnastics. I have one child and he'll be 29 this month. Time sure does fly.


Dec 21, 2008
Hey Nikki, great to see you on here! I did the same as you, did gymnastics for a very short time as a teen/pre teen, and just got back into it the end of November. The thing to remember, that I have to remind myself, is everyone started at the beginning, even the 6 year old that shows you up:p Have fun!!!!


The great thing about my class is that the adults are the only ones in the gym during our class. It's on Fridays at 1 in the afternoon, so we don't have to worry about making fools out of ourselves in front of the "real" gymnasts!

Thank you all for your warm welcome!
Wow awesome!! I wish my gym had full gymnastics equipment! Ours doesn't have a vault :( and our adult class has a Level 3 girls class at that time. :S Anyhoo, welcome welcome to the board! I joined it not too long ago myself and find that the people here are so helpful! :D Enjoy your stay here!


Hi and welcome, Nikki! I did the same thing as you. I started gymnastics for the first time as a pre-teen and started up again last fall/winter. I hope you enjoy it here! I think I'm addicted/obsessed. There's so much fun stuff to read and talk about and everyone is so nice and helpful.
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