For Parents My L3 State Update

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We had a so, so meet and I PRAY the same beam judge is assigned for the L4 session tomorrow. Many of our girls placed well and we had the top AA in 3 of the 5 age groups... but we came up short and placed 2nd to our closest rival just .5 behind them ..... NEXT YEAR!

I'm going to crow because our numbers are on the rise and their competitive numbers (meaning the number of girls they are able to keep pushing through their system) is on the decline.

About the beam judge though, I was joking around I wasn't sure he knew how to subtract past 10 because so many of our girls got above 9.0's (something that was rather a gift... not that I'm complaining), but I saw a heck of a lot more wrong with many of our routines than that!!!!

We definitely had the beam fairy here... I hope she sticks around, but the bar fairy was a bit absent tonight.... That's the fairy I need tomorrow!

Cheers, until tomorrow. My MoJo is first thing in the morning with my favorite competition order... Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor.


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Mar 1, 2007

We usually have such tough judges around here it is always nice to get a "generous" one, LOL, especially on beam! Sometimes I don't know what my fav order is. Is is it better to get the "worst" event done with first? Hope the bar fairy finds you and blesses you!
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