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wow, so the the girls are allowed to compete competition in an older age division? Do they base that on their skill level?.. I am curious because I saw that she competed in a 10 year old age division in 2005...
I am British, living in Canada, and I am well aquainted with the UK, Canadian and USA gym programmes. Lizzie Beddoe was 9 years old in 2004, therefore she is 11 years old now. She also competes for Wales , not Scotland. Can you explain how she is "one of your gymnasts"? It is a bit confusing to me. The following paragraph is taken directly from the British Gymnastics website. She apparently in 2004 was trained at CArdiff Central G.C.

British Age Group Champions Crowned; Cherrelle 5th on Bars in Ghent
November 8th 2004

Ashleigh Ivey-McFarlane (Age 11 - Level 2), Jennifer Pinches (Age 10 - Level 3) and Lizzie Beddoe (Age 9 - Level 4) were crowned overall British Age Group champions in Guildford at the weekend, following the national voluntary levels finals. Lilly Black won the voluntary title at level 2, Jennifer Pinches at level 3 and Ruby Straw at level 4. Congratulations to all the successful gymnasts and their coaches. Meanwhile, at the World Cup competition in Ghent, Cherrelle Fennell performed extremely well to finish 5th on bars in a very high-quality field.
Lasswade, I guess you have replied to my questions by deleting your post and the link to the video of Lizzie Beddoe. :confused: :whistleblower:

I hope you continue to post here, but remember that you do not need to build yourself up to be appreciated. Though it is hard for people to take you seriously if you write about the amazing skills of your 6 & 7 year old gymnasts, and then post a video of another gymnast, who is far from 7 years old and the prodigy of another well known gym. What's that all about...?

I think we are all here to learn and share. This makes me feel a little scammed:rolleyes:

thanks for your post.. i thought it seemed a little odd... I am not certain what the deal is there, but I guess they have their reasons for posting, editing after questions and then deleting when it was questioned again... I always try to give the benefit of the doubt, but it does feel shady....
Just to be totally clear. Lizzie Beddoe is an 11 going on 12 year old gymnast from Wales in the UK. She is very talented. She trains at a club in Wales. Lasswades club is in Midlothian, Scotalnd, a good 10 hours drive from the Welsh club Lizzie Beddoe trains at.

I found it a little creepy to see a coach from a Scottish club posting a youtube video of a gymnast, claiming to have coached her, and also claiming that the child was 7 years old at the time of the video. Anyone with google can check out the facts, they are all there for the public to see.

Lizzie Beddoe continues to compete for Wales. The fact that Lasswade deleted her posts and the video speaks volumes.

I was a happy lurker here until I saw that things were not as they appeared, in fact it creeped me out. I couldn't let the post go unquestioned, as a parent I felt obliged.

I am not sure what the deal is with Lasswade, but she is clearly not open to discuss this issue.

There is no need for this to continue.:( Should I delete this thread of leave it. Please PM me and let me know your opinion.
Not open for further replies.

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