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I'm new to the whole gymnastics thing. My local council gym (Bellahouston) is home to a regional gymnastics centre and I've spent many a time on the weights balcony overlooking the training area wishing that I could do the fancy moves. When I read in a local events magazine that the gym was running adult gymnastics (I'm 24), I just had to sign up!

I've now been going for four weeks (fortunately I'm only working one more weekend, so should be able to go solidly until August when I move jobs.) and I'm getting to grips with the basics. My only previous experience was all of two minutes spent working in a large physical education class, so I never really got much help with any of the moves before. I was the child who couldn't turn a cartwheel or a handstand (your heart bleeds, right? :rolleyes:).

I still can't manage either of those things yet, but I'm getting there. The amount of dirty great footprints up the hall wall increases daily! Despite this obvious lack of floor skill, I have been able to master the pirouette on the low beam!
Wow, I am so impressed with you. :eek: Keep up the great work, and let us know how you get on in the gym.

Welcome to the Chalkbucket, we have a few Glaswegians on the board already.

I'm doing my best: Handstand and groin stretches (a personal splits conquest...) daily! Aiming to get to grips with the handstand and cartwheel by the end of month. Unfortunatly, because of my lack of basic floor skills, I'm lagging behind the others; however I'm spending the time that they do advanced skills doing basic stuff on the trampoline and the beam so that I can transfer the floor skills to the beam as soon as possible.
Wow thats awesome good luck! I'm just starting now too and its weird watching kids half my size do more then me!
Not open for further replies.