OT Nails and gymnastics?

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Feb 12, 2023
Ok so I am starting team summer training on the 19th. I am getting my first ever nail extension with gel polish on the 7th For middle school graduation. (Tomorrow). Do I have to get them removed by the 19th or is it safe to do gymnastics with them on. I am getting very very short ones. I just don’t want my whole nail to rip off!
Your gym might have a policy, but at ours, as long as they are shorter, its not an issue. And honestly, as for "ripping off", the glue/material will break off before the nail does, so its not a major thing.
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Ok, yeah thx you guys, I feel better about it now, I will post a pic of the length later today afterwards for further advice
These are My nails


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My daughter is having a tryout at her new potential gym tomorrow. She is currently taking her “prom” nails off. The gel polish is off and she’ll be cutting them. She doesn’t have to she just doesn’t like long nails for sports especially gym.