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Apr 30, 2009
okay. chalk bucket was the greatest idea ever. i found this site and got so excited! i went and told my whole (small) team about it! im pretty sure they joined, but i can't find them. my suggestion is that instead of having a screen name that people put their name as their title, like facebook. it would be a ton easier. cause i mean anyone could be tumblebug921.
but like i said... this is a great site and i get on it A LOT!

I personally won't put my name on public forums. Facebook has privacy settings and forums don't. My Facebook page is private and I have pictures, etc, set so that only friends can see them, not friends of friends, etc.
Here is a suggestion. Ask your friends if they are on CB, if they are, ask what their username is.

I don't use my real name or give ANY identifying information. As a child, NEVER post identifying information (including gym name). It is just not safe.
Yeah it would definately be easier to find people, but children on here especially can't have people knowing personal details.

I agreee ^^ with just asking what their username is, easy as :)
Oh gosh no! I wouldn't use my real name even though some of you know who I am, most of you don't and it is better that way.

For our gymmies on the board it is way safer for then not toi use their names as then they cannot be tracked down in the real world. In fact we have rules that state you must NOT give out too much info about yourself in order to keep you safe.

I suggest you ask your team their usernames to find them here, But please be careful here, and on the internet in general, about just how much you give away.
nope I wouldn't use my real name or id info. Just too public and I wouldn't want my DD putting that personal info out there either.

We all hope that everyone on a message forum like this are honest, good people and in gymnastics in some way but the truth of it is they could be anyone with any purpose for being here.
Yea i wudnt want to put my real name and info out in cyberspace. yea i mean myspace and facebook have privacy settings that if you want people to see your info they can but, i mean this is all public. if you post sumthing any1 and every1 can c you. u dnt want any bad people knowing you you are. not saying the people on the chalk bucket are bad, there COULD be bad people.
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