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Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Does anyone else here watch nascar!?

I LOVE nascar! haha. I saw i think JBS say one of his favorite sports is nascar so i thought I'd start a post.

I'm in a pool at my step dads work where you pick 7 drivers
(one driver each from 7 different groups. like group one is top10 from last year, group 2 is 10-20 yada) and you get points and stuff, and right now I'm 5th out of 150 guys! yay lol
thought i'd share my excitement.

anyways my "pics" are:

jimmie johnson
kyle bush
carl edwards
kasey kahne
Brian vickers
david gilliland
patrick carpentier

so for anyone who does watch nascar
who are your favorite drivers?

Carl edwards is my #1 fav then kyle bush then kasey kahne. :D
I'm not into Nascar. To me, its boring...at least it is compared to basketball or football....or gymnastics ;). Maybe its just that NYC/downstate NY area has every professional sport in existence (2 teams on a lot of them) except Nascar, but no one i'm friends with is really into it either.
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