WAG Nastia Liukin Cup vs American Classic & US Classic

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Feb 20, 2014
I was checking out the start lists for the US Classic, and I noticed that names that I saw in the Nastia Liukin Cup are not at the US Classic, nor were they at the American Classic.

I don't know enough - and obviously less than I thought I did - but why wouldn't those girls from the Nastia cup have competed at the American Classic (and in turn a chance to compete at the US Classic)?

Is it considered two different tracks?

Any insight to satisfy my curiosity would be great!!!
The Nastia Luikin Cup is for the top level 10s in the country. The US Classic is for elite gymnasts. You will see a few of the same girls (example Lily Lippeatt from CGA) if they are young and competed 10 last year and then qualified elite, but for the most part the girls at NL Cup are level 10s and mostly going for NCAA.
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