Nastia, Please Beat Her!

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I find it funny how everyone says she SO tall. They make it sound like Nastia's so tall she should have taken up basketball instead of gymnastics

Well it's also the length of her limbs. She has the same wide shoulders and small hips that everyone has but she has longer limbs which make her look taller. I get what people mean when they say Nastia or Svetlana Khorkina aren't THAT tall because they aren't for the general population by their head height but it's also the long limbs too. You see lots of older gymnasts that height that don't have as "tall" of a look because they have shorter limbs and aren't as slim through their whole body. I'm small but not that small (5'1 or so) and I know lots of girls my same height who can raise their arms like three inches above mine, and some who would be below. So for example I can swing through on a lot of bar settings that girls who stand at the same height I can would hit their feet on. If you just see Nastia without knowing she's not actually that tall, she does have the body that creates the illusion of more height. Shawn, on the other hand, could reach that height by head (theoretically) and would probably never look the same just eyeballing her.
Well so far looks like Nastia is ahead of He Kexin =).

He K.'s bar were spot on before the fall & she would have no doubt been ahead of Nastia if she had not fallen, even if Nastia had not messed up on her dismount.
The hilarious part is how Elfie and Tim kept saying that Nastia's dismount is ALWAYS so strong, and she's NEVER had problems with it. In reality, how many times this year has she stuck that thing? I had to watch many double layouts, just dreaming that Nastia would please please switch back!
He K.'s bar were spot on before the fall & she would have no doubt been ahead of Nastia if she had not fallen, even if Nastia had not messed up on her dismount.

Actually she hadn't. Add 1.0 to He's and .8 to Nastia's. Nastia would lead by something like .025 I think.
And, in Team Finals, Nastia scored a 16.9, and would have had a 17 minus the step on the landing. A 17 at such a big competition would be legit-not gifted like the judges in the states. I actually thought they were a bit too harsh with He's score in TF, but that's just me.
What did she mean by "dangerous?" Maybe that meant "toughest competition"?

That is how it reads to me. she is "dangerous", or SCARY, because she can take the gold! It is a high compliment in my opinion.. it means she is intimidated by her :)
I Love Nastia!

I'll be rooting for Nastia to win the all-around gold medal tonight, I truly believe in my heart she is the best gymnast in the world. She has worked so hard and deserves it. Go Nastia, be strong!
Good Luck Nastia!

30 minutes until it starts and I'm literally jumping out of my seats because I'm so excited! Nastia, all of America is pulling for you, you worked so hard for this moment and you can do it because you have trained hard and have earned everything you have accomplished. Treat everybody else in the competition as rivals because even though Shawn is your teammate, you have to know that she wants to beat you as well as everybody else. You have been like a mother figure to her and that is why she has done so well lately but it's now your time to shine. Just focus on yourself for tonight because you can win the gold medal if you try your hardest which I know you will. Remember to go over your routine in your head before you do it. Stretch before each event and you will be fine. One last thing, stick the landing and you'll win gold!
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