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hey guys I havent been around much. I am preparing to head to Orlando for nationals on Monday at Disney. According to her coach Amber is performing better then she has all season. Practice is over when I get there so I don't see. If someone would send all 4 fairies to Orlando monday at 10 am I would appreciate it. I will post when we come back.


AAU National Fairy dd was the 2004 AAU National All Around Champion for Level 8...When she was level 5 she won beam and was 3rd AA.

She is sending your dd all her mojo....

You will love Wide World of Sports if you have never been to the Milk House....huge venue and they really make the athletes feel special. Where are you coming from?
Feb 26, 2007
I'll be sending all my good thoughts to Amber in Orlando on Monday. You know we all have so much invested in our Chalkbucket gymnasts!:)

I think we need Team Chalkbucket t-shirts, have to talk to JBS about that.
Sep 8, 2007
My dd went last year when it was at Tampa and loved it .We voted not to go this year has they are trying to get ready for L4 season .You will be shoked on how many kids at L2 come from out of state.The best of luck Amber !
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